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Monday, February 8, 2010

Just A Way To Save Earth

In this age of Global Warming and Climate Change, it is verifiable that its root causes are Anthropogens- pollutants created by man and machines.

At this time we can not change people's way of life overnight but we can effect change by applying technology for people to adapt and keep up with their daily life.

We cannot stop people from sucking and burning fossil fuels as it is essential for our known survival, but we can apply mitigating devices to use and conserve fossil fuel and reduce its negative derivatives to reclaim our clean atmosphere.

So, the only thing we can do is to produce an alternative solution to minimize these problems until people adapt to changes and realize that we need to accept the fact that the destruction of our planet and its inhabitant is imminent and that we can not change only radically, when we are already there- where maybe then it would be too late.

Therefore the main battle is to mitigate the ANTHROPOGENIC EFFECTS of man's main ruler of life which are cars, machines and power plants that produces our main electricity that runs our daily life and which generally utilizes fossil fuels to operate. We cannot stop it outright from its operation but we can plug-in something on it for it to efficiently burn, saves on fuel and erase its carbon footprints.

So, comes THE BLACKGOLD SAVER, an eWater to Nitrous OxyHydrogen Air-Fuel Booster and Emission Cleanser, a device we can plug in to any fossil fueled machines, to enhance air-fuel mixture for efficient combustion thereby saving on fuel consumption and reducing carbon emission. A combination of eWater to Oxy-hydrogen fuel boosting technology tested and proven in every degree of research made from individual home experimenters up to NASA's fuel lab and coupled with the new Atmospheric Air Ionizing Technology for Nitrous Oxidation- this is by far the newest and biggest solution that allows us to efficiently use fossil fuel and eliminate hydrocarbon emissions.

This device is scalable and expandable from it simplest configuration for car use up to any required capacity for Industrial Power Plant use.

All we have to do is build and install the BLACKGOLD SAVER throughout the world's fossil fueled cars, machines and power plants to mitigate these anthropogens.

May you join the battle of saving earth, by arming your engines with the BlackGold SAVER Nitrous Oxybhydrogen!

Join the battle of saving Earth, CLICK HERE!

June A. Yasol


Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Tribe At Time... Yeah Tribe, S____d!

I came to read "One Tribe AT A Time" by Major JIM GRANT of the United States Army Special Forces and I strongly believe his conviction in this Strategy Of Winning The War In Afghanistan.

If most people will be able to read this and it echoes to Government and Miltary Leaders fighting insurgency, like in my country where I hailed from a war torn Mindanao, I believe this will help a lot in winning the wars. That's why I'm sharing this...

Please read more about it(pdf) from the blog of Steven Pressfield:

One Tribe At A Time

June A. Yasol
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